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Hella Cocktail Co. presents On the Menu, a series of unfiltered conversations with renowned bartenders, entrepreneurs, and brand leaders throughout the Food & Beverage industry. Each episode uncovers a new story of risk and success told by the people who lived it.

Episode 2: Jeff Bell

Over the past decade, the art of the cocktail has experienced a cultural renaissance and explosive levels of commercial success. If you trace this movement back to its modern origins in New York City, you’ll find a select group of individuals and the legendary cocktail bar they established in the early 2000s called Please Don’t Tell. It was about that time when Jeffrey Bell was washing dishes in Washington State. He moved East to pursue an education in Philosophy and eventually found himself in NYC under the tutelage of one such founding father of contemporary cocktail culture, Jim Meehan, at PDT.

Today, Jeff is a leading figure in the industry. He operates some of the world’s most famous cocktail bars, including PDT locations in New York and Hong Kong. More recently, Jeff’s expertise in cocktails led him to co-create Bertoux, a blended brandy made for cocktailing.

We sat down with Jeff to get his point of view on the Cocktail business past, present and future and asked him what he believes are the common values between people just starting out behind the bar and successful operators at the highest levels of hospitality.

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