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Thank you for your interest in Hella Bitters & Soda! For your convenience, here are a few frequently asked questions about the product and limited offer pre-sale. 

  • Does Bitters & Soda contain alcohol? No. Bitters & Soda is non-alcoholic but delicious as a mixer for your favorite spirits and lighter wines. 
  • But isn't Bitters made with alcohol? Great question. The answer is yes. Alcohol is used in the bitters-making process to extract the essence of spices, fruit, and bitter roots. However, the serving size is so small that a glass of water with bitters is non-alcoholic. The same can be said for Bitters & Soda, which are approved as non-alcoholic.
  • Are Bitters & Soda safe for children to drink? Yes, absolutely. Bitters & Soda contain only natural ingredients and no-alcohol. Please see the nutrition panel for more information about the nutrients and sugar content.
  • What is the difference between Dry and Spritz?
    • Dry is zero sugar and only five calories. The equivalent of a few dashed of Aromatic bitters in Club Soda.
    • Spritz is slightly sweetened to round-off the dryness of Dry. Some people prefer a little sugar for balance.
  • Where else can I purchase Hella Bitters & Soda? We are working at this very moment to distribute Bitters & Soda nationally. Until then, there are a handful of shops in New York and Brooklyn that carry it. Sahadi's and Bedford Cheese Shop to name two. 
  • Where do you ship? Orders are currently shipped to the 48 continuous United States.